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I agree the Al Capone shines my shoes is so good because moose is what all the kids think Mr. Goody Good Shoes because he lives on Alcatraz full of many types of hit-men, murderers, robbers and escape artists.
His dad works on the island as a guard and an electrician and then gets promoted to asscoiate warden.
The trilogy is a very fun and interesting series. I hope you read and like it too.
Al Capone Shines My Shoes: Someone always trying to get into mischief. Better than the first book, Al Capone does my shirts. Unlike the other kids on Alcatraz, Moose is always trying to get OUT of trouble. HIGHLY recommended!
The Lost Hero series is soooo good. Rick Riodan is now my fav author.
"The One and Only Ivan" is a very cute book about a gorilla and his friend. It's actually very sad at the beginning ... I don't want to give anything away. I recommend that a lot of people read this book because I read it quickly because I really enjoyed it so I wanted to read more every day. I love this book. It's the best book in the world.
have a good day